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5 June 2024:  Worldwide campaign and International launch Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The 3rd edition of TRESPAD on 5 June 2024 is followed by the 16th edition of ILCAD on 6 June 2024.

The conferences will be hosted by Junta de Seguridad en el Transporte (JST) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

TRESPAD public targeted in 2024:

“Vulnerable users”

Trespass and suicides events on or near railway tracks affect the whole of the rail industry, with an adverse impact on safety, performance, reputation, costs and efficiency. The issue affects all parts of the business and society as a whole and is therefore something that we must tackle together.

Trespass Awareness Day (TRESPAD) is UIC’s second global initiative to raise awareness of the risks at and around railway tracks and property to prevent accidents, incidents and casualties.

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Rail / road safety – Harrison’s Story

Harrison’s Story tells the story of 11-year-old Harrison Ballantyne, who tragically lost his life when he was electrocuted by overhead power cables after straying into a rail freight depot to retrieve a lost football. The railway has many hidden dangers. Harrison was only playing football with his friends. He didn’t expect the electricity to jump. Important: Know the risks, make the right decisions and stay away from railway lines.

Rail safety - Testimonial from Valérie, Lucas' mom

On the occasion of TRESPAD 2024 (Trespass Awareness Day), UIC shares one of INFRABEL’s videos.
TRESPAD 2024 campaign targets “Vulnerable users” with the slogan “Beware of trains. Life can change in a split second”.

In early 2024,, the Belgian rail operator, launched an educational program dedicated to rail safety for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. The program consists of two educational videos and a testimonial video in sign language.
Lucas is a young deaf man who lost his life in a collision with a train in Belgium on August 4, 2022.
His mother Valérie’s testimony is available in French with subtitles, and in sign language, with English subtitles or Spanish subtitles.


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